MiRus News

 Learning MoR about MiRus at NASS 2017
October 2017

MiRus had a big presence at NASS2017 in Orlando, showcasing our spine platform including our 
   -Proprietary super-alloy Molybdenum-Rhenium ( MoR )
   -EUROPA™ and HYPERION™ Pedicle Screw Systems
   -ARIES™, CALLISTO™, CALYPSO™, ANTARES™ Static Interbodies
   -IO™ Expandable Interbody 
   -GALILEO™ Spine Navigation
   -ORPHEUS™ Analytics

 Manufacturing Facility Opens
January 2017

MiRus' state of the art manufacturing facility opens with $2.5 million in capital equipment investment.

MiRus, LLC Moves Corporate Offices
May 2016


MiRus LLC has moved their offices to downtown Atlanta in the Ernst & Young building across from the Georgia Aquarium. 

Industry News

Study Points a Way to Better Implantable Medical Devices
March 20, 2017

New study released: "Researchers have identified a signaling molecule key to the formation of scar tissue surrounding implantable medical devices, a process called fibrosis. Blocking this molecule prevents scar tissue from forming and could help scientists extend the lifespan of many types of implantable medical devices".

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Risk-benefit Analysis of Navigation Techniques
January 2017

New study released: "Malposition rate, both symptomatic and asymptomatic, in spinal surgery is reduced when using CT-guided placement of transpedicular instrumentation compared with placement under fluoroscopic guidance, with radiation values within the safety limits for health".

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Ideal cup position is still up for debate
August 29, 2016

New study released: "Current standard rules of combined anteversion prevent prosthetic impingement but ignore osseous contact in total hip arthroplasty".

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